How to Download and Install the NiSPVT

The Nigeria Solar Photovoltaic Tool (NiSPVT) requires the Excel program to run so ensure you have Excel installed prior to launching the NiSPVT. Additionally, ensure you download the appropriate bit version of NiSPVT (32 Bit or 64 Bit) that corresponds to the bitness of your Excel program (32 or 64 Bit). Follow the instructions below:

1. Download the file (ensure you download the correct bitness) and extract the NiSPVT.exe file to the “My Documents” folder of your computer.

2. Run the NiSPVT.exe file and from the ensuing pop up, copy your Computer ID or click on the button that reads “Copy Computer ID”.

3. Click on the button that reads “Contact author” and paste the copied Computer ID in the email pop up and send as email. Otherwise, send your copied Computer ID to the email address:  

4. You will receive your appropriate Registration Key file (valid for one computer) in 12 hours or less after payment confirmation. Without the registration key generated for the NiSPVT.exe file the application will not run. Save this Registration key file in the ”My Documents” folder of your computer or in the folder where you saved the NiSPVT.exe file.

5. Close all pop ups and re-launch the NiSPVT.exe file after saving the Registration Key file. Enjoy the NiSPVT software. Enjoy your Solar PV system designs and please leave us a feedback. Do NOT forget to follow the design instructions in the NiSPVT software.

How to Use the NiSPVT

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